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Welcome to Forever Beautiful with Janice T. Eyerly with locations in St. Marys, Georgia; Kernersville, North Carolina; and Bismarck, North Dakota. Years of beauty industry and permanent makeup experience has benefited Janice's students with professional and quality permanent makeup training and application. Explore the world of permanent cosmetics and join Forever Beautiful in helping you receive the training to attain your goal of Permanent Makeup Professional.

Forever Beautiful provides our students with one on one instruction, small class sizes, and support services that will insure your success, and build self confidence when entering the growing and exciting field of permanent cosmetics.

Offering $50 discount on all courses for Cashier & Personal Checks.

Student to Instructor Ratio: 1:1

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Permanent makeup, often referred to as permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, or intradermal implantation, has been a rapidly growing field since the late 1980's.  It is the process of implanting colored pigment underneath the skin to give the appearance of everyday cosmetic makeup.

Most seeking permanent makeup have it applied to enhance their natural features, however many choose permanent makeup to cover burns, imperfections, or scars.  Additionally, many breast cancer survivors choose permanent makeup for areola restoration.  Whatever the reason a person decides on permanent makeup, it is important to have skilled, knowledgeable, and professional technicians to administer procedures.



Forever Beautiful offers a wide variety of permanent makeup courses designed to suit any student's need.  We offer quality instruction at a cost below most of our competition, and can provide references from former satisfied students.

From Basic Beginner Courses to Custom Courses, you can be assured you will leave Forever Beautiful with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in the field of permanent cosmetics.


Give us a call today for more information on how to enroll in one of many training classes, and get started in your new career in permanent makeup!


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